Monday, April 03, 2006

praise You like i should

remember that song? it's not ironic to me that lyric resides in a secular song. no matter who we are, we were created to praise. the difference only is the One we choose to praise. and i want to praise God today. He just plain rocks!

i've just come from a spiritual high place and had to dive right into the mundane today. i have to say i was more than a little concerned about how the day would play out. and it was more than challenging with a time-sucker training and an extremely long and contentious meeting right after. it was bad. but i got to minister to my staff. i had encouragement and exhortation to give that was not possible in my flesh. i left work at work when i walked out the door. praise Him! the other cool thing is i didn't leave the people at work--i feel a new-found impression from the Spirit to surround them in prayer individually and by prayer walking the building at least once a week. that's what has to happen to make that place resonate for His glory. and God's got me working there for just that purpose. He showed me 2 other christians at the crowder concert in october for a reason. what a beautiful mantle! what a beautiful Savior who desires all to be drawn to Himself! Lord, i want Your humility more than anything...i want to walk without fear about Your call on my life...i want to hear your Name praised rather than cursed. i want You to start a revolution in my office and i know You can.

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