Monday, December 31, 2007


The ball just dropped. It's officially a brand-spanking new year. A whole new start. A palate cleanser. A breath of fresh air. I can't help but be hopeful while I sit in my living room, watching Boston fireworks and sipping a perfectly poured cosmo. As I just described it to a friend, a distinct and profound sense of hope is in my heart.

Thank you God for 2007. A year so full of ups and downs, but one where You were clearly present. People I love came in and out of my life in dramatic fashion. Vision birthed years ago was confirmed and cemented. Great broad hope for the future arrived even today. Thank you Lord for all of these past 365 days!

Can I take this serious moment to give a shout out to New Year's Day marathons? Holy crap! Classic Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi!!! The BEST show ever.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I had a great conversation with my pastor yesterday, talking about my place/position in our little house church. We looked forward to the future and what that might look like for me. And he brought up something that seems smallish, but an idea that I started pondering a couple months ago--about moving into Boston proper. It's something I've wanted to do, but I love living where I do now. The very idea of moving makes me exhausted. I can't even clean my room at this point. God, I know that this is what you have for me in June, please don't let my comfort get in the way of Your working.

Monday, December 03, 2007

First Snow

Our first major snow of the season was good enough to grant me a free half day since one of the districts I service closed. We got about 3 inches here, but more up to the north and west. It wasn't snowing at all by the time I got off to my 10am appointment, but a yucky mix of rain and sleet was falling. It just started snowing again about 30 minutes ago and it's just gorgeous. Big, puffy flakes that mean Christmas. I'm listening to Christmas music and just enjoying my afternoon, doing a little work, but mostly taking a moment to breathe. Thank you God for this unexpected, beautiful Sabbath rest that I needed. Thank you for providing for all my needs, even when I don't know or acknowledge them.