Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blessed Be Your Name

matt redman sang Blessed Be Your Name at thirsty yesterday. i love that song. it has ushered me through more than one spiritual revelation and i just saw another level in it. how can a song that i've labored with for more than 4 years suddenly become new? it's very cool. so, the part in the song that says, "He gives and takes away, gives and takes away, blessed be your name" always meant to me that i need to praise God no matter the circumstances. and the giving meant blessing and the taking away meant losing something precious. the first sentence is true, but the second one has a new layer now. the giving can be the placing of something laborious into my life and the taking away can be removing something painful or scar tissue that needs to be healed. that's an entirely new perspective and one that's quite relevant for me right now. blessed be Your Name.

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