Sunday, April 02, 2006

guess who's back...

travelling back to boston from atlanta was interesting. jess had some trouble with her flight (it ended up leaving 1.5 hrs late), but other than that the travel went well. i sat with a cool woman on the plane who used to work for the may institute and enjoyed overhearing 2 teen boys behind me discuss relationships. i actually slept for 20 min during the flight (a rare occurrence for me) and had a creative brainstorm about the church public. a good trip back in all.

so things are smooth right now, but the real test will be me allowing God to continue to bring buoyancy to my life and perspective. i understand what john piper means when he talks about fighting for joy. this conference helped me to get through some of the things preventing that joy, but maintaining it requires trust and faith. my prayer is to have that. and to have the confidence to be who God made me to be.

let stress at work not steal my joy and ability to serve others as Christ did!!

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