Wednesday, April 12, 2006


i was thinking about that quote i have written on my bedroom mirror, "catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn." more than anything i want that enthusiasm to be for Christ. it can come out in other ways, but i want it all to point to Christ. the way i do my work, how i interact with my peers, how i respect my superiors, how i treat my employees, how i love my students. my life isn't all about my job, but i spend most of my time there--most of my pivotal influence occurs there. i can see God moving people's hearts there. one of the senior teachers i supervise came to my office today to say that she's the happiest she's been since we moved to the new building in september. she said she was so happy to be working on my team--that we were the best to work for. praise God! that's so all Him! work isn't perfect and it won't be. it's still a daily effort but i see a lot more laughing going on. people are banding together. thank you God! that's an answer to prayer. so i'm going to keep prayer-walking those halls, begging God for revival. i know that every week won't show results of those prayers like the last 2 have, but by His grace i will be faithful despite the results. He's called me to labor in prayer for my workplace and as a servant, i need to do just that.

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