Friday, June 23, 2006

Me? Dating? What?????????????

Is a day off from work the key to blogging all the time? This is my second entry today and I think there might be even more...;)

I joined eHarmony in February with a 6 month trial run on the service. More than anything I think I was trying to scare myself out of the routine (see this post). To date I have only reached 'open communication' with 2 men. The first one left the service and the second one is new this week. I think he really likes me. He is pursuing me--I didn't even make the first communication. I gave him my phone number today and I feel like a teenager again. I'm not the most experienced person at relationships so the little things are still exciting. I think I might throw up if we actually meet each other. I'll keep everyone posted on the blog about any progress.

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