Monday, February 27, 2006

the mbta game

the mbta (or the "t" as we locals call it) is never a boring place. most of the time everyone on board works hard to ignore one another, no matter if everyone is squished together or not. most everyone plays the game of looking at one another but never making eye contact. it's actually quite fun to people-watch like that. anyway, the ignoring-watching game gets messed up when people break the rules. those people are generally children and once in a while the assorted freak. (one time there was a guy on the orange line that seemed to be gesticulating and responding to a person the rest of the world couldn't see. it looked like miming, but he was more likely mentally ill or high on something...)

my last few experiences on the t have been more remarkable than usual. on recent trips i've watched elderly twin women dressed exactly alike, a poorly made-up transvestite who appeared to be scared of his own shadow, and witnessed a near-brawl when a punk chick got pissed off after a group of theater players decided to break into song. three times. (that was actually the same night as the tranny-sighting) i digress...

the t is the melting pot of this city. almost everyone rides it. all you need is $1.25 and somewhere to go. i've sat with people of all ages, races, ethnic origins, religions, political leanings, and educational levels. it's a pretty cool thing. so i try not to tune out when i'm there, even though i'm listening to mp3s and playing sudoku. i still can hear and learn from watching the people of my city. that's why Jesus went to the city gates and the markets. it's where the people were. His advantage was He knew everything about those people--i'm still a student and i'm thankful for the t being such a willing teacher.

sometimes the t can provide moments of solace. last sunday night, i was rolling my way back from the church public, when i looked up to realize i had the whole car to myself. i was listening to chris tomlin and the desire to sing over that car just welled up inside me. so i did. i wasn't scared about anyone hearing me or what i sounded like. it was just me and the music and the roaring of the car on the tracks. what a cool way to worship!

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