Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Feet behind doctrine

Being a witness at work during the most crazy day yet isn't a 'sexy' ministry. I don't know if I was very successful at it either. I had to work really hard to be self-sacrificing. I didn't choose to do the things I had to do today. I didn't choose to be gracious to my coworkers, but by the grace of God, I think I did that. I had stress written all over my face (despite my best efforts to mask it) but I made it though the day. It's no coincidence that God and I were chatting this morning about my witness at work, or that I began reading I Timothy. My prayer for tomorrow is not that it will be better, but that Christ's footprint in me would be that much more clear to everyone around.

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Jessica said...

There is nothing sexy about rump rubs. I think you know what I mean. Sexy and your line of work don't mix. The good news is that compassion is needed where you are-heaping mounds of compassion for co-workers, bosses, students, you, the proud and the inert. Forget not all His benefits...He crowns us with compassion. Peace to you.