Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A busy weekend that bred some thoughts

I did more in the last 4 days than I've done since Passion06. CCPC training Friday night. Cleaning and laundry Saturday morning. Four hours of training residential staff Saturday afternoon. More cleaning and prep for Gabby and Eric's arrival Saturday night. Quincy Market for lunch on Sunday. Vision casting and meeting at The Church Public the rest of Sunday. Adventuring around Harvard Square on Monday afternoon. Ikea with Gabby on Monday night. Wow. It was tiring just typing that...but I had a good time and got to eat some good food. Why is it that good times are always paired with good food?

I digress. Vision casting for our church brought up things close to my heart...again. It was so great to hear out loud from others things that God has spoken to me and over me in the last few years. To hear about how He WILL capture Boston for His Glory. WOW. He's moving in this city. I can hear echoes of it. In a separated way, I hear how God is using Christians in other places to minister in 'non-traditional' ways that resonate with how we should minister here. I feel like those ideas are closer to be married to one another and that's so exciting. I've known since last summer that He's got something huge for this city. I can't deny the rich, deep heritage of the gospel in this place. There's already been talk about another great awakening beginning and I'm praying that that would truly be the case. Please join me in that plea!

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