Friday, February 24, 2006

i love getting mail!

thanks to the glory that is ebay, i was able to purchase a cut-rate set of magnetic poetry to grace my fridge. i added it to a set my credit card company sent as a thank you (very odd little thing to get in the mail...). the one i bought from ebay was a 'christian' version, which at first made me a little wary. i didn't want a set of all thees and thous! (there's only one thy and that's all!) i spent an inordinate amount of time playing around with the words after i opened the package. it turned into an awesome worship experience, which is pretty dang cool. i guess that's what dwelling on the majesty of God should be--taking time to ponder the words He created and somehow use them to describe Him. it was totally cool and i highly suggest it to anyone! i'm posting some pics of my praises...i'd love for there to be a cool website somewhere where people could write magnetic poetry-type things to describe God. what a stinkin cool way to collectively praise Him who is worthy of all praise! anyway, just a thought. :)

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