Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Call Revisited

Chris gave us an assignment this week--to remember why God called us to Boston. I put it off until tonight. I had lots of important things to do, like obsess about cleaning the stainless steel fridge and rearrange all the pictures on it so they are lovely geometric collages. Yeah, important.

So I finally dug out old journals tonight. It firstly reminded me that I should write more. I journaled a little bit then and I do it even less now. Argh...what stuff am I forgetting? It also reminded me that I can be incredibly misguided. Another argh. But then I got to the good part--the list of what God showed me at Passion05. That was where God called me to Boston. It was incredibly moving to read that list over again, especially in light of the cynical journal entry from one of the days just before the conference. I was definitely brought right back to those amazing days.

Honestly, this Boston journey hasn't gone as I would have planned for myself. It has been an intensely shaping, growing, and stretching experience. Despite that, I still often feel like I am not truly sharing in Christ's sufferings in this place. That there is something more that God needs me to learn about carrying Christ in my everyday life. All I still know is that He wants me to continue learning in this place. To continue contextualizing the Gospel to those I meet, pray over, drink coffee with, and love. May my awe at God's call be as fresh on March 30, 2009 as it was on January 5, 2005. Fouryearsthreemonthstwenty-five days is less than a breath to You...You havebeenarewillbeworking in Boston calling people to Yourself, somehow using me in that process. Amen.

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