Thursday, February 19, 2009

Passion 2010 Webcast

The Passion 2010 live launch webcast was Monday night and I was so excited for it. Despite my nagging cold/flu, the equally sick Stacey and I laid on my bed, staring at laptops and worshipped Jesus together. Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, and Matt Redman led worship in a super low-tech (for Passion) night hosted in the 'big room' at the Passion House in Alpharetta, GA. There was no giant stadium or massive field to kick off this season of leaning into God calling students for 4 days of worship and rearranging of hearts.

It was awesome to hear them sing off key once in a while and have technical problems. These people are not perfect megastars (not that they ever say they are), but just people God has called to stand in the spotlight for this generation. Stace and I loved every minute of it because it felt a lot like our local fellowship here in the living room down the street.

As a part of signing on to the webcast, you could input your name, campus, and city. Northeastern U got a shout out, which I thought was pretty awesome. At another point in the night, Louie asked for people who are leaders that have been affected by Passion as students to email in prayer requests. Stacey somehow blazed off an amazing email and she was prayed for by name by one of the Passion staff members during the webcast. Additionally, Louie posted nearly the entirety of her email in his blog post the next day. She has been asking God lately for more people to pray for her and our ministry with college students in Boston--God certainly answered in a big way since the webcast and Louie's blog are viewed by a huge audience!

Also amazing was the fact that the discount registration for the event was opened that night. I needed to reserve 10 spots since that's what I felt like God was telling me to do. Only the first 1000 registrations would go for the $99 price. Well, by God's grace we got all 10 of those spots for that price! As Louie's blog stated the next day, those 1000 were gone in 7 minutes 8 seconds. Praise God that I can type quickly and that Stacey manned the computer when I left for a bathroom break!!

It truly was a lot of emotion packed into only 90 minutes of worship and prayer. I'm so thankful that God can use technology to unite hearts from all around the globe. If Passion is able to post the stream again, it would be worth watching!

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