Monday, May 22, 2006

something someone else said (part 2)

Mitch Hedberg says, “I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it.”

But I share his sentiment. I went to go see the DaVinci Code on Friday (I would not recommend it, 2.5 hours of talking and vapid acting) but anyway there were protestors out there with picket signs. I was like…. “Picket signs?”

Does your church honestly think that picket signs are the answer? Do picket signs reach anyone anymore? Is this still a methodology that works? That people respond to? And should this be the church’s line of action? I don’t know…it seems really….well, I want to say “Old Fashioned,” but let’s say “Stupid” instead.

And then at Starbucks, I saw those picketers on the front page of the newspaper. I think if that paper hit God’s porch in the morning, he would throw that days paper in the trash. I doubt He’d be saying. “Well done good and faithful servants. I am so glad you all took this passive stance using archaic and outdated methods.”

All I can think is, “Oh great, more bad press for Christians.” I don’t think non-believers look at that and say, “Wow, those people really stand up for what they believe.” I think they think, “There they go again, pointing fingers…..”

John Burke says, “Everyone knows what the church is against. But do they ever hear what we are for?”

So, I want to picket the picketers. I want to make my own signs that tell the picketers that it’s all going to be ok, and that God loves all people. God loves people who see the DaVinci Code, God loves homosexuals, God loves women who get abortions and God loves abortion Doctors. I want my signs to be bigger than their signs and I want to stand right in front of them, so that all they see is me, and all the world sees is the back of our two signs.

Do I think a picketer ever made a homosexual turn from their orientation? No…

Do I think a picketer should be in the front of an abortion clinic as hurt and confused girls run in? No, But what if we all put our signs down….and left the entrances to these places alone and all met back at the exit.

People don’t need picketers in front of the theatre as people are going in; they need people to meet them on their way out. Not to condemn them, but to help them with their questions, and to invite them to fellowship where their questions can be answered.

People don’t need picketers out in front of abortion clinics. No, but they do need to be there for the broken women who are walking out. Where do these shattered lives go? Can the church be the hospital that it should be? Can it be there to help these people put their lives back together and invite them into fellowship?

Hey picketer! Put the megaphone down, fold up your director’s chair and meet me around in the back. Let’s talk to people, not yell at them. Let’s meet people, not accuse them. Let’s welcome people, not scare them.

Let’s use Christ’s approach. He healed the sick. He raised the dead. You and I have the answer to life. You and I hold the keys to the Kingdom of God. So let’s open doors.

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Lisa said...

Oh yeah...good stuff, Jen. I'm so with you. Why in tarnation we think that standing in condemnation with a bully sign fixes anything, I don't know. I once pulled over at an abortion clinic because for the umpteenth week in a row they were outside holding signs with VERY graphic pictures. I was taking my babies to preschool and there was no other route I could drive to avoid taking the kids past those horrible signs. I pointed out the dilemma I was in because of their signs and how the signs they wanted to save babies were actually causing damage to my babies who were too young for explanations about those hellish gruesome photos. I didn't see the signs the next week. I don't know if I really made any impact or not, but at least my toddlers were no longer subjected to that stuff. All in all, the situation just made me sad.