Thursday, May 18, 2006

new beginnings

i've been back in boston for nearly 9 months now. enough time to have a baby--so weird. in a lot of ways my time here has been a birth. that imagery has been present with me in a very real way the last few months. so much is growing now--work responsibilities, personal ministry, church ministry, professional opportunities, ministry education. it's more than a little overwhelming. i knew God was preparing me for something big, but this feels so beyond me. my life seems to be moving faster than i am. there haven't been many days in the last few weeks where i felt like i got ahead of the game. and maybe that's the entire point--maybe i'm not supposed to get ahead because God's path for my life can't be accomplished by me. it has to be by His hand alone. this is the same old struggle again, but i get refined more every time. i have my lists every day, but i'm more apt to pay attention to how He's moving and deviate when necessary. some days i'm better at it than others, but i always learn. i'm a ragamuffin who's glad that Christ walks with us on all types of roads.

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