Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jesus Threw Me In the River

I don't think I can do justice to my thoughts right now, having arrived home just over an hour ago, completely exhausted mentally and physically. I'm overwhelmingly thankful for all who were holding me up in prayer this weekend. I felt it and it made all the difference.

This weekend was a woah moment. I knew God had a lot to teach me and prepare me for, but it was unlike what I expected. I truly learned what it was like to approach students where they were from a position of humility and an openness to dialog. If you know me, you know I love being right. The truth of the Gospel is so important that it often becomes the ultimate "right." Many times the shape of that results in condemnation--more often than not driving people away from Christ. Well, God drove any need to be correct out of my heart this weekend. I found the humanly impossible balance of speaking truth with love. I listened way more than I spoke, but when I spoke, students (and others) listened.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been used in this way. It was probably some of the most challenging days of my life, but I saw Jesus covering everything. It gives me faith and assurance that God can always work through me like that--when I have a willing and yielded spirit.

I want to be able to continue the conversations that began with so many. There was little idle talk amongst the group--they came to the table hungry. Pray alongside me that I would continue to have contact with all of these students with whom I was able to have more extended conversation:


Several of these students "ended up" in the small group discussions I led, at my workshop, sitting next to me in big sessions, and at my meal table time and again. Nearly all of them do not have Christ at the center of their lives, but they are thirsty to drink from a well that does not run dry. They are hungry to taste and see. They desire wholeheartedly to do justice and love mercy. The piece that is missing is the Lord and walking humbly with Him. May these students be specifically connected to me or other students or people of faith who can walk alongside them in their journey toward Christ. Praise God that He is in control and desires for all to come to Him!

I am so thankful that I am able to be a small part of His movement at Northeastern and in Boston. He is truly mighty to save. He is bigger than the air we breathe.


jorbie77 said...

Jen -
I just discovered your blog, and after only reading two entries, am struck by the rawness and honesty that you write with. God is really molding you, and those around you - WOW!

Jen said...

Thanks Adam. I really appreciate it. The blog has grown with me over the last 3 years. It's been there in the middle of great highs and low lows. Sometimes it's a journal, diary, or just my brain exploding all over the page. Sometimes it's the safest place to vent. I love how it forces me to articulate (or attempt to) what I'm thinking and feeling. I think that's why I actively avoid blogging sometimes.

Have an amazing day in China. I'm going to jump on a plane in a few hours to spend a weekend with Jill Gwinn. I never amazes me that I can go so far in so little time.