Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Revolution

I walked away from Passion07 with the abiding feeling that an ocean of change is coming. I've never been so convinced that revival and revolution are coming to this generation. I'm blown away. It's truly exciting to see how sharing about Passion is igniting and recharging people here who didn't have the opportunity to go. It has to be God because I don't think I'm convincing enough to speak for 5 minutes and touch hearts.

The capper of it all came today with Louie's posting on the latest numbers from the Passion Do Something Now campaign. I have to say I'm floored. Please read what God has done with 24,000 college students who are willing to let go of personal comfort for the betterment of others. It is a beautiful thing. My prayer is that many, many others will catch the kingdom vision that was cast in Atlanta. That the world may know us by our love...

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Anonymous said...


I was reading your hearts desire and prayer for Boston on the 268 Blog. I worked on the Media Team for Passion and couldn't help but read some of your amazing posts about your passions for Boston and your faith-based journey for serving in the different ways you have shared. I was really encouraged by hearing that there are lights like you shining in Boston. I'm from Maine and when I do travel to Boston for either business or pleasure I sometimes wonder what is God is doing in Boston and if it be His will what could my part be in that? I've been enjoying reading your blog entries. Thanks again for making the sacrafice to serve in Atlanta for Passion '07 Although we never personally met, it was an honor to serve along with you. Feel free to email me back directly. I'd love to know more about your hopes and dreams that God has given you for Boston. My email is
God Bless,