Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Simple Pleasures

After the CCPC meeting yesterday, I braved the Cambridge traffic (the choice was that traffic or the tunnel traffic) and stopped by my favorite grocery store (yes, I have a favorite grocery store) for fabulous cheap wine (Charles Shaw--3 Buck Chuck), perfect fresh bread, and other fantastic odds and ends. This wonderful store is Trader Joe's and I love it. Unfortunately there are always so many people in there that it's hard to browse. I would probably spend hundreds of dollars there if I actually had the chance to comb every square inch of the store.

The bonus of yesterday's trip was finding my holy grail of beer--Magic Hat Circus Boy. I've heard tell of this beer all summer. I couldn't find it anywhere. And there it sat at Trader Joe's across the aisle from my favorite 3 Buck Chuck shiraz. I waited until tonight to try one so it would be suitably chilled. It's a nice hefeweizen, hoppier than Harpoon's UFO (erstwhile my favorite beer). I'm not sure if Circus Boy has replaced UFO, but it's in the running. I'll have to do some more tasting...

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