Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mad Men Melancholy

I have this feeling like I sat around all day and didn't do anything. Which is, for the most part, true. I'm sort of rallying now, but it's 11pm and not the appropriate time to do much other than read, sleep, and be quiet.

This new year was rung in quietly, at home with some of my roommates. This was made necessary by the abundant snow, below-zero windchills and the fact that my car was protesting against said temperatures and refused to start. So I made a decent dinner, hunkered down on the sofa with laptop open and a glass of Malbec nearby. Eventually we watched the Da Vinci Code; made and received various well-wishing phone calls and text messages. A rowdy evening it was not.

So with this unproductive day and homebody New Years Eve I have mixed emotions about 2009. I wasn't rhapsodizing like when the ball dropped us into 2008. This past year has truly lived up to what I felt last New Years, so that leaves me a little concerned about my melancholy towards 2009. But maybe I just watched too many episodes of Mad Men in the last 3 days.

Who would have thought a month ago that I'd be praying to have my routine back?

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Lisa said...

Sometimes a new year sneaks in incognito. You can't tell it's something fabulous from first refuses to tell its secrets up front.

Happy New Year, Jen.