Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I found an article on the Relevant Magazine site today that speaks directly to me about my calling and heart for people in Boston. Specifically, it clearly relates to my experience at Cafe Rossini on Sunday. May there be many more moments like that one.
There was so much more I wanted to say to her, to ask her and to pray over her. My heart burned with compassion. But for some reason, it was left unsaid. In retrospect, I think God purposely caused me to leave things unsaid. Outreach, in its truest form, should leave many things undone in our hearts. It should leave us burning to give more, to say more, to pray more readily and more fervently. It should leave us desiring to be there every weekend or every day, not just once a month. It should leave us wanting to venture beyond the fences we have constructed and realizing that the only place for us is in the center of God's will.

I serve a God who breaks the rules every day, who invades our universe and pulls us close to Him, dancing on the wrong side of the fence. He's beckoning us to join in a wonderfully undignified, epic story, to add our culture and our stories to one another, and to join in the beautiful diversity of humanity.

All this simultaneously scares me and stirs me. I love it.

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Susan Isaacs said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for reading my blog, glad you are liking "take this bread." I'm glad I found your blog. I wanted to know more about your experience at Cafe Rossini, maybe you blogged about it earlier. (send me the link!) Wow there is so much going on in Boston and in you. Your passion for the real Jesus is so encouraging and exciting to see. I want that! And thanks for the link to the relevant article. Susan