Friday, May 04, 2007

Sometimes You Just Want to Pop

Coming back home tonight made me realize I was on overload in Atlanta. It was good overload, but the engine was revving high without shifting.

The engine got in gear as we circled over the Harbor Islands as the plane approached its landing at Logan. Seeing the city gets me every time.

Rosana picked me up at the airport and it was great to talk to her. I finally was able to process things that I didn't even realize God was working out. I have a real feeling of moving forward in what I'm supposed to be doing in Boston. So here, for posterity (and my own accountability) is a list of what God is calling me to do until He tells me otherwise:

  1. Take over planning community action/social justice projects in Mission Hill for Shawmut Springs
  2. Work with the CCPC team in facilitating those types of projects all over Boston--with multiple church and parachurch ministry involvement
  3. Work hard at my 'real' job this summer to make money to pay off the debt that's accrued from the last few months of low income
  4. Cut hours a my 'real' job in the fall to accomodate seminary, Passion Boston prep work, & Shawmut/students
  5. Raise monthly support for any financial shortfall
  6. Become the guru of demographics for Boston colleges
  7. Study REALLY hard's been so long since I've made a list like that or been so definitive. This is forward progress.

Since I'm exhausted, tomorrow I'm going to attack the action list for how I'm going to accomplish the above tasks.

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