Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a little reality check

on saturday, rosana and i spent some QT at our fav haunt--the southie target. it's a great combo of classic target value and crazy ghetto-licious drama...but the target is not the subject of this blog, but merely it's setting.

so, rosana and i are in target on saturday. we're wandering around the home organization area (read: plastic containers of various sizes meant to 'organize' everything from trash to sweaters to wrapping paper) just chatting it up. she was talking about the date that was planned for later. i asked her if it was the same guy from last week--the one who stood her up at the restaurant. she said no, and then proceeded to give me a backstory that actually shocked me. anyway, the stand-up guy apparently called her on monday to try to patch things up and get another date. he explained that there was an emergency that caused him not to show up. when she pressed for more of an answer, he shared that his neighbor and friend (a female) had just gone through a breakup and was really upset. he was there consoling her when he should have been on a date with rosana. [at this point, i was already thinking this guy was pretty ballsy to tell such a tale and still ask for another date, but oh, this was NOT the end of the story...] she went on to press stand-up man why then, he didn't take a few seconds to call her. [this is where he becomes even ballsier.] then comes the response...he was having sex with break-up girl. holy crap. i think my chin hit the floor while we were checking out plastic trash cans! i'm not a naive person and i've done more than my share of sin and sketchy things, but this took the cake. i couldn't believe a guy would do what he did and expect to call, completely fess up and get another date with another girl! on top of that my surprise was expanded by rosana's reaction--she RESPECTED him for telling the truth. HELLO--TOTAL CAD ALERT!!

so here's the moral for matter how 'aware' or 'worldly wise' i think i am, the depths of sin will somehow find a way to surprise me. maybe this is a good thing--that i have some semblance of innocence left. maybe it's God's way of reminding me what He saved me from. no matter what, my eyes are opened wider to the lostness of my community and the drive to love that community has grown even stronger.

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